G&J Productions


Hello there ladies and gentleman :D
We can see that you've found G&J Productions!
Well what is G&J now actually?

We are 2 sisters that make there own Cosplay / AMV Video's for all kind of Anime expo's.
You can find us in The Netherlands by all the Anime Expo's! so if you see 2 girls sneaking around with a camara...
That should by us then yeah ^-^''

Do you have any questions?
Feel free to ask! we don't bite :3

See you all soon on the next Anime Experiences!

So now scroll down and see what we are doing right now!

- G&J Productions
''Your Experiences''

This is our teaser for the up coming day’s at AbunaiCon! in the Netherlands!
So if you where planning to go to AbunaiCon! make sure you bump into us! ;D
(Or we will find you >;3)