G&J Productions


Hello there ladies and gentleman :D
We can see that you've found G&J Productions!
Well what is G&J now actually?

We are 2 sisters that make there own Cosplay / AMV Video's for all kind of Anime expo's.
You can find us in The Netherlands by all the Anime Expo's! so if you see 2 girls sneaking around with a camara...
That should by us then yeah ^-^''

Do you have any questions?
Feel free to ask! we don't bite :3

See you all soon on the next Anime Experiences!

So now scroll down and see what we are doing right now!

- G&J Productions
''Your Experiences''

Hello everyone!

Just like we told you guys when we gave you our business cards on Abunau! will it take 1 week for us to edit all the great and amazing video parts we shoot form you all!!! :D

But stay tuned on this site!! 


Our AMV on Abunai! ended 5th place !!! We are proud on our results because this was a hard competition, with some awesome editors!

here you can watch him once again on your own screen , just enjoy!